How To Prepare To Ask For Vacation Time with Your Employer


As you may know, requesting vacation time off work can be a hit or miss situation. Everything from scheduling conflicts, to request competition (others requesting your same dates), to bad mood can get in the way…Here are few tips to keep you ahead of the curve..

1. Work Hard & Play Hard

Understand that working hard and doing your very best at work does matter..Meeting your quota, submitting that report early, and closing that deal is very important…Most times, going to work when you are not at 100% or helping that co-worker on his project does work in your favor.. Your boss does appreciate these things and will most likely reward you for it because it makes them and the department Shine..So whenever you get discouraged, dig up that strength and think about that favorite restaurant or spa on that vacation you’ve planned…


2. Timing Is Everything

Understand that while vacations are beautiful, you have to be mindful of your company’s need to..For example is April through June are busy months for your employer, you may want to keep that in mind when making your plans… You don’t want to set your self up for a big disappointment by requesting vacation leave during peak seasons at work.. Also requesting vacation leave towards the end of the day after a solid hard day of work helps too…


3. Prepare, Be Gracious, & Give Thanks

Your LAST day at work should be filled with you cleaning your work area or desk.. Completing any pending assignment or projects..Locking up or preparing to take some personal items home..While you are away you want a clean and organized desk..You don’t want to leave ANY reason for a business call on vacation.

Be Gracious! Be discreet with your plans and do not announce them across the building..It leaves room for gossip and prying..Its okay to say your going to Mexico with your family. Just leave personal and private details out..You will be Thankful when your relaxing on vacation and feel like time with family and loved ones is more private and cherished…

When you return from vacation within that week, make sure to tell the boss Thank You…If you want to kick it up a notch, send a simple Thank You card with a snack, treat, or their favorite vending machine item..Of course, no one is suggesting Brown Nosing..The fact remains that a manager’s priority is the best interests of department productivity and coverage and that very well could have denied the leave request…

Until next time…Nikki


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  1. Renita says:

    Alright then Nikki this is direct and on point .,Thanks.,.


    1. Thanks Renita..: ) Your the best…


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